10 Essential Non-Club Accessories that You Must Have

Having the right tools and accessories in playing golf is highly important since you can’t just walk into a golf club empty-handed.

There are a lot of golfing equipment available on the market today so it’s easy to get overwhelmed and buy as many as you can and jam your golf bag with as many of these items.

In order to avoid looking like going to a Mount Everest hike for 2 months, what are the things that you must have in your golf kit aside from clubs?

If you have just started playing golf, this gallery will show you what kind of accessories and tools that you must have.

  1. Golf glove

Though some golfers can play golf without wearing a golf glove, wearing one has more necessary benefits.

First, your hands could get sweaty, making it easy to have the club slip in your hands. By wearing a glove, you prevent this from happening as you can securely hold the club and aim for a perfect swing. You can have better grip and relaxed swing if you’re wearing a glove because it relaxes your hand tension and prohibits the oil from wearing down your grip prematurely.

Second, it serves as an aesthetic purpose. Aside from looking cool and classy on a pair of gloves, you are protecting your hands from blisters and calluses as well as pre-mature aging of your hand caused by sun’s exposure.

  1. Fresh set of golf balls

Fresh set of golf balls are a must-have in playing golf.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money in purchasing your own set of golf balls though.

Bridgestone has been manufacturing golf balls that provide a combination of soft feel and long distance, all in one ball. Their 2017 E6 Soft Golf Balls can help you achieve success in golf with longer and straighter shots.

For only $26.96 in Amazon, you can get your own dozen of Bridgestone 2017 E6 Soft Golf Balls.

  1. A jacket for all types of weather

If there’s one thing in this world that is unpredictable and ever changing, it’s the weather.

You may be starting your first few rounds with Mr. Sun up and smiling and could finish the game with heavy rain pouring.  You don’t want to get yourself caught unprotected from the harsh and constantly changing weather.

Bringing a different jacket for different type of weather can be troublesome and will just eat a lot of space in your golf bag, plus it will cost you a lot of money. Buy the type of jacket instead that is suitable for all types of weather.

Choose the kinds that are lightweight and easy to pack. Materials made of polyurethane, spandex and polyester are excellent choices as they are more weather-resistant.

  1. A golf bag

Where will you put all your golf clubs, balls and other accessories if you don’t have a golf bag?

You should look for a golf bag that can hold all of your things comfortably yet not too bulky to carry around or fit in the trunk of your car. Ideally, you want something that you can carry around easily and can conveniently strap to a trolley or cart.

Tour Edge Golf Hot Launch 2 Cart Bag is one of the best golf bags in the market. It has great features such as 14-way, full-length divider top, convenient towel ring and easy-access storage pockets that can help you organize your things. You can conveniently move from hole to hole with its integrated cart strap.

Click here to take a closer look at the amazing features of this golf bag.

  1. Umbrella

We all want to play under a clear sky however bad weather is something that we can’t avoid.

Harsh winds, rain and low temperature could affect your game and could possibly ruin some of your shots.

Turn the bad weather around by making sure that you are protected. Bringing a sturdy umbrella can protect you from the harsh winds and rain. Invest in a windproof umbrella that is designed to withstand inversion.

Many golf push carts have umbrella holders that can cover you from the rain and wind as you make your shot.

  1. Business Cards

Remember that golf is not only a sport but it’s also an opportunity to meet other people and expand your networking.

Always carry your business card in your pocket as you never know who you will encounter on a course. Who knows, you could be playing with a potential client or business partner.

  1. Sunscreen

You could be playing under the scorching heat of the sun for several hours.

To protect your skin from the harmful effects of sun exposure, always apply sun screen before your game and carry it around to be re-applied after a few hours.

Choose one that has at least an SPF level of 30 and has titanium dioxide or zinc oxide as they don’t make your hands overly slippery.

  1. First Aid Kit

Since accident or any unexpected circumstances can happen anywhere, even in golf courses, it is important that you carry around a first aid kit.

What should be the things that are included in your first aid kit?

Your kit should include bandages, ibuprofen, wraps, alcohol cleansing pads, ointment pack and even a small knife in case you will have splinters. First aid kit should be in a convenient size so that you can fit it easily into your golf bag.

  1. Multiple towels

Towels have several purposes, so you should bring more than one.

You could bring at least 3 towels, one for your hands, neck and face, the other one to clean your club while the last one is an extra in case other things will get wet.

  1. Golf pencil

A golf pencil is about half the size of a regular pencil so that you can easily put it inside your pocket.

You need to carry around a pencil to keep track of your own scores. Don’t be the guy who keeps asking his other co-player: “Excuse me, can I borrow a pencil?”.

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