5 of the Best Mini-Golf Courses in London

Londoners are crazy about golf.

As a living testament to this fact, the mini-golf businesses are booming within and around London. Being a golf-fanatic, you would find London as a haven for exciting and fun mini-golf courses that you can explore.

Below are some of the top mini-golf courses in London that you should not miss.

  1. Swingers – The Crazy Golf Club

Location: 8 Brown’s Buildings, London

If you want a taste of street food, amazing drinks and crazy golf, then Swingers in the heart of London will satisfy this craving.

Swingers offers 18 holes of mini golf that has been immensely created in a plant-filled, verdant and beautifully detailed indoor space that is probably bigger compared to other actual golf courses.

They have 2 courses: The Windmill and The Lighthouse. It’s not just an ordinary golf course as you would need to balance the ball along rails, jump it over some obstacles, shoot it through loop-de-loops and sneak it past sand traps.

Learning would be easy, especially when there are cabbies at each hole who will give you pointers in case you need them.

Aside from their unique golf courses, you can satisfy your stomach with their trio of killer restaurants – Pizza Pilgrims, Patty & Bun and DF/Mexico.

And just when you thought you have the best of Swingers, they have five bars. Yes, five. You will find a shot bar, cocktails, plenty of draught beers, a gin terrace and even an espresso bar for coffee-laced mixed drinks.

  1. Jurassic Falls Adventure Golf

Location: A406 Southend Road, London

If you are up for some adventure and a big dinosaur junkie, Jurassic Falls Adventure Golf is the perfect place for you.

Start your adventure with the whole gang and the family with variety of exciting activities that are suitable for kids and kids-at-heart.

Their Jungle Marsh is filled with many exciting dinosaurs, from the spectacular Spinosaurus to the most well-known dinosaur in the world – T-REX. You can witness how a stealthy stegosaurus hides in the wild or see how the Triceratops grazes their children. You can even hear the cries of the raptors if you listen close enough.

This adventure golf combines fun and learning. Widen your knowledge while playing as you uncover new and interesting information and fun facts around the course.

If you’re up for some challenges, climb their two-tiered high ropes course for some dose of adventure. You will experience a whole new perspective of the dinosaur’s world with over 30 different platform levels.

  1. Junkyard Golf Club

Location: 91 Brick Lane | Old Truman Brewery, London

Fancying all things junk?

Visit Junkyard Golf Club – the home of crazy golf, weird cocktails and all things junk.

The club’s venue contains loud music, flashing lights and UV lights, sending a different vibe on your golf experience.  Get your fix of excitement on their four mashed up 9-hole crazy golf courses and experience putting your way through all sorts of unique holes: think scrapyard slides, UV garage, jungle bathtubs and circus freaks.

Check out their 4-themed courses:

  • Bruce – Perfect for movie fanatics. Start your exciting golf journey over Tony Montana’s briefcase, then work your way through Jabba the Putt, vaping monkeys and prison cells before you scale Lord of the Blings. You can even sneak yourself some popcorn and a drink from the popcorn stand if you want to have the total movie experience.
  • Pablo – Offers a jungle-themed course where you’re guaranteed to have great memories as you putt your way through a massive jungle.
  • Bozo – This carnival themed is all about circus freaks, dark fairgrounds and twisted clowns. This creepy course can help you face your fears, especially if you hate clowns. These 9 holes of fairground creeps and circus freaks are synonymous to excitement and overcoming challenges. Don’t forget to check out the Hall of Mirrors and Ferris wheel and stay away from those scary crowns.
  • Gary – Putt your way through written-off cars, towers of tires and auto-junk in their scrapyard challenge.

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  1. Putt in the Park – Wandsworth Park

Location: Wandsworth Park Putney Bridge Road

Putt in the Park is not just about golf, the clubhouse which is situated in one of the most historic parks in London is also a fully licensed cafe which serves variety of mouth-watering hot and cold meals, delicious snacks, juices and coffee.

Every golf enthusiasts are welcome here. Their challenging yet exciting putting courses are designed specifically to cater to all levels of golf players – from novice to the experienced one.

This is a perfect place whether you want to organize a golf tournament against your officemates, have some family time during the weekend and catch up over cake and coffee or simply just want to relax and hang out with friends.

  1. Lost Jungle London

Location: Edgware Way, London

If you are looking for some adventure and challenge your work colleagues, friends or family in surviving 36 holes of extreme golf adventure, then you will find what you are looking for at Lost Jungle London.

Be sure to try your hands at their 3 great golf games:

  • 36 Hole Lost Jungle Adventure Golf Course – It offers pure extreme golf adventure. You are not only going to play the course with your family, friends or colleagues but you will also get to experience waterfalls, jungle animals, island holes, lost shipwrecks and Aztec tombs. It can cater to all ages and is wheelchair friendly.
  • 9 Hole Footgolf Course – football and golf combined spells F-U-N. The game’s objective is to use your feet only in the fewest number of shots possible to get the ball into the hole. It’s a genius idea to combine golf and football, two of the most popular sports in the world.
  • 9 Hole ‘Short’ Golf Course – This golf course gives the player a real experience of playing a traditional 9 hole course with the use of specially adapted golf clubs and balls. This specially designed greens and tees are suitable for kids and adults.